Nova Scotia Evaluator Origin Story

Today I shared Thanksgiving dinner with an international student from Vietnam as part of Engage Nova Scotia’s #sharethanksgiving campaign. The conversation spanned many topics including the reason for the effort- addressing the lack of young people staying in the province, and presumably trying at attract others to stay after their studies. The decision to move back to Nova […]


Evaluation Culture in Nova Scotia

It has been a while since my last evaluation blog update. In that time I have now become an executive with the Canadian Evaluation Society Nova Scotia Chapter. This position has given me some insight into evaluation in Nova Scotia, a province where I plan to live for the long-term after having moved back after […]

Evaluation Capacity Building Workshop

Today I was lucky to have been a facilitator for an evaluation capacity building workshop with faculty at the University of Saskatchewan titled “Making Explicit What is Implicit About Your Program as the First Step in Program Evaluation”. This workshop was put on to help build the evaluation skills of university members from a variety […]

Evaluating Social Programs- Applied to Nova Scotia

The last two weeks I have been taking a free on-line course from Massachusetts Institute of Technology on evaluating social programs using a randomized design to evaluate social programs (through EdX- find it here). Those of you familiar with research methods are probably aware that randomized designs are generally considered the “gold standard” for designing […]

Developing an Evaluation Organization

I just spent time with Brian Hoessler of Strong Roots Consulting in Saskatoon. He and I have been members of the Saskatchewan chapter of the Canadian Evaluation Society for almost the same amount of time. He and I sat down to discuss lessons learned from starting a program evaluation consulting business. He offered a number of […]